Who can use Baggage Hub?

Anyone that needs help moving their belongings can use Baggage Hub! We operate throughout the world so our international shipping services are available no matter where you are. We specialise in smaller shipments of personal effects, so our services are perfect for international students, graduates, interns, expats, or professionals relocating for temporary / short-term assignments.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order online or over the phone. Our website uses sophisticated technology to find real-time prices for all available services and, if you’re happy with everything, there’s a booking form where you can organise your booking right away. Alternatively, if you prefer to speak to a human, you can get in touch on the phone or arrange a call back and one of our friendly booking agents will assist you and make all the necessary arrangements.

What services can I choose from?

At Baggage Hub, we offer a range of services to suit any requirement and budget. If you get an instant online price estimate, we will provide pricing and details for all available options. Please ensure you understand what each option includes. Our booking agents can answer any queries and, once you’ve booked, you can put any queries to your dedicated Client Services Executive.

Our services include:

Airexpress and Roadexpress courier service. Depending on where you are / where you’re heading, these express courier services are quick and affordable, with an approx. 2 - 14 days transit time once full payment has been received. These services are ideal for 1 to 5 items. However, you’ll need to ensure all items are packed correctly. All prices are based on actual or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater

PLEASE NOTE: No fragile, prohibited or restricted items can be sent using this method of delivery.

Airfreight service. Transported via one of our selected partner airlines, this service takes between 10 to 21 days depending where in the world you’re going. All prices are based on actual or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater. (See ‘How do you calculate the cost of my shipment?’ section below).

PLEASE NOTE: No fragile, prohibited or restricted items can be sent using this method of delivery.

Road freight. This service would normally be used for transporting your possessions within your own country or throughout Europe. Our prices are based on a part load service, the number of items being moved and the overall weight. All prices are based on actual or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater. The transit times are usually between 7 to 21 days.

Sea freight. This is usually a service for larger shipments and is a more cost effective than airfreight it does take longer. Prices are based on volume and the number of items you are shipping. The transit time varies between approximately 10 to 14 weeks and will depend on your final destination.

Do you offer a Door-to-Door service?

Yes. All door-to-door services are based on collection occurring on the ground floor with good access to your residence. That means that, if you are in an upstairs apartment, you’ll need to bring goods to the ground floor. This service includes transportation to your destination, customs clearance, and delivery to the ground floor at the other end.

If you would like assistance collecting or delivering above the ground floor, please speak to your dedicated Client Services Executive to find out if this service is available and get a quote if so.

Door-to-door services exclude insurance, storage, customs duties and taxes, packing and unpacking services, quarantine fees (if applicable), poor access and parking permits.

What is Door-to-Airport / Port?

Our door-to-port service is based on collecting from the ground floor of your residence with good access to the building (as above). The service includes transportation of your items to the airport / port at your destination country, via air or sea.

PLEASE NOTE: The airport of arrival or port of entry may be some distance from your final destination, please check with your dedicated Client Services Executive before sending. You will need to be able to travel to the airport / port to collect your items. You will be responsible for clearing them through customs and paying any customs charges and taxes, as well as any additional, local handling and delivery fees.

IMPORTANT: This service excludes customs clearance, local terminal handling charges, security charges, and final delivery fees.

How do you calculate the cost of my shipment?

The cost of your shipment will be determined using a number of variables. These include the shipment’s origin and destination; the nature of the service you choose (sea freight / air freight / courier / door-to-door / etc) and the weight and / or volume of the items being transported.

We need both the actual weight and the volumetric weight of an item to determine the costs associated with transporting it to your destination. The initial price you receive at the time of booking (online or over the phone) is an estimate based solely on the measurements and weights that you provide.

Once we’ve collected everything, the shipment will arrive at one of our distribution hubs to be weighed and measured (unless it is travelling direct – see below section: When do I pay?). Those weights and measurements are used to calculate your final invoice, which will be issued to you via the Customer Portal and by email (usually within 48 hours of collection). The more accurate you are when providing the initial dimensions and weights of your items, the more likely it is that your final invoice will match your original quotation (see section below: How do I measure and weigh my items?).

For more information on volumetric weight – watch our short video here:

How do I measure and weigh my items?

Measuring your items - It’s best to use a tape measure to record the dimensions of any items as this is the most accurate method. If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a ruler, but this won’t be as accurate and could result in the price needing to be adjusted to account for inaccuracies in the original estimate.

You need to measure the longest length on each side and include any handles, wheels or bulges as these need to be accounted for when calculating the volume of the item.

Weighing your items - If you do not have scales suitable for obtaining the weight of your item(s), you can use household bathroom scales. First weigh yourself while you’re holding an item and make a note of the figure (weight A). Then weigh yourself without the item (weight B). Deducting weight B from weight A will provide you with the weight of your item. It’s worth rounding the figure up to allow for any inaccuracies.

When do I pay?

When you make a booking with Baggage Hub, we will take an initial deposit (usually £100 / €100 / $150 depending on your country of origin). This is to secure the booking, cover any packing materials and hold the requested collection and shipping dates.

Your dedicated Client Services Executive will contact you 72 hours prior to your collection, which you’ll have confirmed at the time of booking. At this time, they will take 80% of the outstanding balance. Once your belongings have been collected and returned to our distribution centre, we will calculate your final invoice. This will be available in your online account (Customer Portal) and you’ll also receive a copy of the final invoice by email. The outstanding balance should then be paid within 48 hours of receipt of this final invoice so that items can be dispatched in a timely manner.

PLEASE NOTE: For smaller consignments, we may arrange for our carrier to collect and send your item(s) direct to your destination without going via the distribution centre. In this case, we will issue a final invoice 72 hours before collection and the full amount must be settled prior to collection. If this applies to you, you’ll be advised by your Client Services Executive accordingly.

How do I make payment?

Full instructions on how to pay will be outlined on your final invoice. Final invoices will usually be available within 48 hours of collection, unless your move is going direct (see When do I pay? section), in which case your invoice will be available 72 hours before your scheduled collection slot. Invoices will be emailed to you and will also be made available via your online Customer Portal.

We can take payment by credit or debit card, using a secure payment system called Stripe. You can also pay via bank transfer; please make sure you quote your reference number or invoice number; failure to do so may result in delays and possible administration fees.

If you would like to discuss alternative payment options, please contact your Client Services Executive or email customer.care@baggagehub.com.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. But it is important to be aware that certain shipments may incur additional fees, taxes and tariffs that cannot be included on the final invoice and must be paid separately.

Any customs and quarantine inspection fees, import taxes and fumigation charges are excluded from our quotations. These fees do not apply to all shipments and differ from country to country. Often determined based on the nature of the shipment itself, they are not possible to calculate in advance or pre-pay so will not appear on your Baggage Hub invoice. Such fees are normally charged at the destination and need to be paid prior to delivery.

Please ensure you are familiar with your responsibilities, as per Section 3 of the T&Cs, to ensure you provide all necessary information that customs officials will use when processing your shipment. This will minimise delays and help avoid unnecessary charges.

PLEASE NOTE: The initial price you receive at the time of booking (online or over the phone) will be based solely on the information supplied by you with regards to the weight, dimensions and nature of the items being shipped.

Once we collect everything, the shipment will arrive at a distribution hub to be weighed and measured. Those weights and measurements are used to calculate your final invoice so it’s important to make sure you provide exact weights and dimensions, the initial price you receive will be accurate, if those details change in any way, then the final price may change accordingly.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes. We have a number of different levels of cover that you can choose from. These will be outlined during the booking process and will also be available to add to your order via your online account (the Customer Portal).

We strongly advise that you take out some form of cover for your items. You’ll be asked to read through the different cover options within the Customer Portal and, if you don’t wish to take out any form of cover, you’ll need to digitally sign a declaration to confirm you’ve made the decision not to take out insurance. This declaration must be completed before your goods can be collected.

It is important to read the full details and terms associated with each type of cover, but here is an overview of the options available:

Contractual Liability

We draw your attention to clauses 9,10,11 of our Terms & Conditions, which highlight our limited liability of £35.00 per suitcase or box. The items within a suitcase or box are not covered, as well as all prohibited and restricted items, along with any fragile items you pack (see section below for details). There are also a number of restricted countries where our contractual liability will not be valid for, for a list of these countries please see What are the countries where insurance does not apply?

We strongly recommend people familiarise themselves with the details and terms of this cover and opt for additional cover if required.

Owner Packed Insurance
• 5% of declared value
• Min Premium £35.00 plus IPT ( UK Insurance Premium Tax)

If you have packed your own boxes, suitcases or items, we strongly recommend you consider taking out our Owner Packed insurance cover. This cover has been created to cover your items against any of your items going missing, being partially delivered, any theft or damage which may occur during transit.

However, please note we are unable to cover any fragile, prohibited or restricted items. For a full list of these items please see our website here

There are also restrictions in place to countries where insurance cannot be offered, please see What are the countries where insurance does not apply?

A detailed itemised inventory, with photos, along with a completed insurance declaration form is required prior to collection and must be uploaded into your Customer Portal. It is important you also carefully read the associated terms and conditions.

All Risks Insurance
• 5% of declared value
• Min Premium £35.00 plus IPT (UK Insurance premium tax)

This cover is only available to customers that have had goods packed by a Baggage Hub approved professional packing service (Selected locations only). The cover can be taken out at a cost of 5% of the declared value of the shipment and will cover you for up to £250.00 per suitcase / box. It protects your goods against certain types of breakage, damage or loss. A detailed itemised inventory, with photos, is required prior to collection. It’s important to carefully read the associated terms. Fragile items will be covered with All Risks Cover (see below section for details), but there are still certain countries where insurance cannot be offered (see What are the countries where insurance does not apply?).

What are fragile items?

Fragile goods include: Bulbs; Cathode ray tubes packed in cases or cartons or waterproof crates; Chinaware; Crystal ware; Domestic glass; Earthenware; Enamelware; Furniture with glass; Ornaments & Sculptures; Glassware; Neon tubes; Pottery; Sanitary ware; TV’s & Monitors and Computers & Laptops

Fragile items are not covered against breakages unless professionally packed by a Baggage Hub representative.

What are the countries where insurance does not apply?

Goods cannot be insured if they are transiting to, from and / or via the following countries:

Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Korea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Zimbabwe and any other country where their local legislation decrees insurance must be affected locally, unless specially declared and accepted by Underwriters prior to shipment.

Is there an excess to pay?

Yes. In the event of an insurance claim, you are liable for the excess as follows:

Owner Packed insurance
£350 / $475 or €405if you have used your own packing materials
£250 / $350 or €300 if you have used Baggage Hub packing materials

All Risks insurance
£250 / $350 or €300

PLEASE NOTE: for any goods that are stored for more than 60 days, storage extension is required, which is charged as a separate premium and will be added to any storage invoices. Please speak to your dedicated Client Services Executive for more information.


What happens after I’ve booked?

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be contacted by a member of our Client Services Team. This is your dedicated ‘account manager’ and they will be responsible for validating your booking to ensure we have fully understood your needs and requirements.

They will also discuss and outline all the documents that are required to fulfil your delivery. Of course, at this point you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have regarding the transportation of your belongings. You will also receive follow up emails with instructions and a link to your Customer Portal (see below section: What is the Customer Portal?).

While general updates and reminders will be sent by email, your dedicated Client Services Executive will be on hand to assist you throughout the whole process, to ensure your delivery is stress free from start to finish.

What is the Customer Portal?

Every Baggage Hub customer automatically gets an online account. This is a dashboard where you can upload and store all relevant documentation, and from which you can manage and track your shipment. This account is your Customer Portal.

There is a lot to do when sending items overseas. We created the Customer Portal to help you keep track of everything, so the process is more manageable. It gives you greater visibility and control over the process so you know what’s happening with your shipment and can easily see anything you need to do before we collect your things.

You can access your Customer Portal via your booking confirmation email or the link in the top right corner of our website. When you first access the Portal, you’ll need to create an account using your booking reference number and email address.

You will then log into the Portal to complete the following steps:
• Review and sign our trading conditions
• Complete Insurance proposal forms
• Upload passport and visa information
• Complete your packing inventory
• Complete any required custom forms
• Upload photo of your items being collected
• Prohibited and restricted form must be completed and signed

You can also use the Customer Portal to send messages to your dedicated Client Services Executive, review invoices, make payments, and track your shipment while it’s in transit.


Do you provide boxes?

Yes. Baggage Hub has developed high quality cardboard export boxes. They are provided in a ‘Move Kit’ that includes professional grade packing tape and a black marker pen. The boxes are double-walled and reinforced to withstand the rigours of international travel.

Protecting our environment is very important to Baggage Hub, that’s why our boxes are 100% recyclable (made from recycled materials), and they are designed to be re-used.

Our boxes can be included as part of your order, in which case they will be delivered to you on a selected date prior to your collection. Alternatively, you can order them separately via our Amazon Store here.

We are unable to provide boxes and materials in some locations. If we are unable to provide ‘boxes’ in your location, you will need to source your own boxes locally. Please review Can I use my own boxes? for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer packing tips online here and in the FAQ sections below.

What types of boxes does Baggage Hub provide?

Baggage Hub’s boxes come in three different sizes.

Our Large box is 46 x 46 x 56cm. This is ideal for larger, lightweight items such as clothing, linens, bedding as well as home and kitchenware.

The Standard box is more compact at 48 x 34 x 36cm. This is better for smaller, heavier items like books. As a general rule, heavy items should be packed into smaller, more compact boxes to keep the overall weight of the box down. Heavy items can also cause damage to larger boxes when they move around inside.

These boxes will be delivered as part of a Move Kit, where the Outer Box can also serve as a useful piece of packing material. At 102 x 18.5 x 61cm, it can be useful for pictures, mirrors, monitors and screens of up to 44 inches.
PLEASE NOTE: as per our Terms & Conditions, Baggage Hub accepts no liability for fragile items unless your shipment has been professionally packed by our team of experts.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer packing tips online here and in the FAQ sections below.

What is a Move Kit / Box Kit?

When you prepare your shipment, you’ll need more than just boxes. Our Move Kits provide the essential packing materials you need so you can pack your belongings properly to make sure they’re safe during transit.

The Essential Move Kit (or Box Kit), consists of five large boxes, a marker pen, and professional grade packing tape.

The Student Move Kit (or Box Kit), consists of three large boxes, two standard boxes, a marker pen, and professional grade packing tape.

Can I use my own Boxes?

You can use your own boxes, but you need to be extremely careful. It’s vital to ensure they are not damaged and that they are reinforced and of a high-quality. Your boxes need to be very strong to withstand the rigours of international shipping and boxes purchased online or from a self-storage facility may not be suitable for an overseas move. You need double-walled cardboard export boxes. When using your own boxes, you may incur a higher excess level on your insurance cover (see ‘Is there an excess to pay?), and further restrictions may apply.

PLEASE NOTE: If we receive a consignment to one of our facilities where we deem the boxes to be of a low quality, we may make the decision to re-pack the items into our boxes. This will incur additional expenses and delay the shipment so we implore all customers to carefully consider the packing materials they use and, if in any doubt, obtain new boxes here.

Can I use other types of packaging?

We’d always advise using reinforced Baggage Hub boxes. If you are thinking of using suitcases as well as or instead of boxes, we would recommend hard cases.

PLEASE NOTE: that we cannot take responsibility for damage to any suitcase you use to transport your goods.

Are there any types of packaging that are NOT acceptable?

Yes. There are a number of containers / boxes / bags that are not acceptable or suitable for overseas transportation:

Used boxes
While some boxes are designed to be re-used, you must be very careful when packing your items into used boxes for overseas shipping. Firstly, the slightest bit of wear and tear will severely compromise the contents, so do not use any box that has any structural or cosmetic damage. Secondly, if the boxes were not designed for overseas transport (e.g. boxes collected from the supermarket) they should not be used. They will not have the structural reinforcement to withstand the rigours of international travel. Also, if the boxes were ever used to transport food, you may incur customs and quarantine delays / fines. Finally, if the boxes were ever used to ship dangerous / flammable / toxic goods, they may display warning icons and labels that will be flagged at customs, leading to extra inspection and added delays / fines.

Plastic storage boxes / crates
Plastic storage boxes are, as the name suggests, designed for storage only. They are for organising items within the home. They are not designed for transporting items. The plastic is extremely brittle and the various rigours of the shipping process will cause these boxes to break. This means you risk losing items from the box or losing the box itself.

Storage / archive boxes
These boxes are not designed for shipping. They are usually made from thin, single-walled cardboard. They often have lids that are not as easy to secure and they often include holes on the sides, which act as handles for ease of lifting and stacking. However, these compromise the structural integrity of the box. Storage and archive boxes will not protect your items and are more likely to rip or be crushed in transit.

Fruit and Vegetable boxes
Aside from not being strong enough to ship personal effects, any box that has ever been used to carry food is likely to cause delays at customs / quarantine. This is particularly true of boxes that have been used for fruit and vegetables.

Laundry bags / IKEA bags
These large, plastic zip-up bags may seem suitable but (aside from being waterproof) they offer no protection to your items. They will rip and be crushed in transit. No bag is suitable for an overseas move so everything must be stored in a robust box or case.

Bin liners
This really should go without saying, but unfortunately bin liners are on the list because we have received them in the past. They offer zero protection to their contents and will rip within a few hours of collection. It’s very unlikely that a bin liner would make it to the other side, and nothing you put inside would be safe.

What if I don’t have any boxes or packing material?

Don’t worry, you can order boxes via our Amazon store here, or by speaking to your Client Services Executive (or one of our Sales Team) who will be delighted to assist you. There are, however, a number of countries we are currently unable to service due to restrictions, there are also some destinations where you may be charged duties and taxes.

How do I label my boxes?

Labelling your items clearly and securely is very important. Items that are not properly labelled will not be collected and Baggage Hub, and our delivery partners, are not responsible for any shipment that is delayed or misplaced as a result of labels becoming detached or damaged during shipping.

You will need to attach TWO labels to EACH box. They should be securely adhered to the most prominent sides of the box and NOT to the top, as the labels need to be visible when boxes are stacked.

The best way to fix labels to a box is to use adhesive label sleeves. These can usually be obtained from post offices and stationary shops. Alternatively, we recommend using a clear plastic wallet to protect the label from water / dirt / wear and tear. You could also use strips of clear tape to protect the label, but you would still need to secure the outer edges of the label with packing tape to ensure it is secure.

You must always make sure you tape around all four edges of each label with packing tape. To ensure each label is extra secure, you can even wrap a few of these strips of tape all the way around the box so it doubles back on itself and overlaps for extra security. We also recommend including an additional address label on the inside of the box somewhere that it can be easily found / seen just in case something happens to the outer labels.

IMPORTANT: Any applicable customs forms and packing lists must be attached separately from the tracking labels (but in the same secure manner) to remain visible to the relevant customs authority.

How do I attach labels to a suitcase?

Remove all previous labels from any item you wish to send. If you leave old labels on any items, these may cause confusion and could result in the item being delayed, missorted or returned to the collection address.

Please do not attach your labels with tape alone, as your labels are likely to fall off and could result in your item being delayed. Adhesive label sleeves can usually be obtained from post offices and stationary shops. Alternatively, if you do not have access to these, you can use a clear plastic wallet to protect your label, making sure you tape around all four edges, taping all the way around the item, if possible so that the tape overlaps for extra security.

When will I receive my labels?

Labels should be available at least five days prior to collection. If your booking is for a collection within the next five working days, your labels should be available soon after completing your order.

In some cases, international couriers may issue labels slightly later, but you should still have them within two days of your collection. If your order was placed recently, please be patient and we will make your labels available as soon as possible.

Labels will be available via the Customer Portal, and you will also receive an email.

If your collection is occurring in the next two days and you have not yet received your labels, please contact your Client Services Executive.

Do I need to print my labels?

Yes. We will issue your labels via your Customer Portal, and they can be downloaded from there for you to print. It is important that you have access to a printer as you will be responsible for printing off labels for EACH ITEM within your shipment.

What if I cannot print my labels?

If you are using a service where it is shown as "Printer Optional" the driver will always bring a backup sticky label. However, you will still need to attach two labels to EACH item. These labels can be handwritten, and they must include the name and contact info of the recipient, as well as the full delivery address. Please ensure these labels are securely attached with tape all the way around as the driver will stick the tracking label over one of these labels. We also recommend including an additional address label on the inside of the shipment somewhere that it can be easily found / seen.

IMPORTANT: For any other service where you’re advised "Printer required", you must be able to print your labels. There is no exception to this. Office supply companies usually provide printing services if you do not have a printer at home.

Can I lock my items?

No, your items must not be locked, unless you are using a combination lock. This is because most shipments will undergo security / customs checks after collection and customs and / or the courier may need to verify the contents of your items. If they are unable to gain access to an item, they may refuse the shipment. In this case, the items will be delayed or returned to you.

Don't worry however, your items are completely safe as they are sent within a closed logistic network.

What can I pack?

You should only pack personal effects, clothes, shoes, linen, books, & toys.

IMPORTANT: Please carefully familiarise yourself with the Fragile, Prohibited & Restricted Items Lists before packing. These are provided on the Customer Portal and will require your digital signature to confirm you’ve read and understood everything. (See also the section below Is there anything I can't send?). Fragile and / or deeply sentimental items should also not be packed and are not covered against breakages.

Is there anything I can't send?

Yes. There are a number of items that are prohibited and restricted. Certain items cannot be imported as personal effects into certain countries or may require an import licence. Such items may be subject to inspection and / or treatment. Some items are only restricted / prohibited if travelling by airfreight, while other items are prohibited from all services. We recommend not packing any of these items under any circumstances, as their inclusion in your shipment (even if packed in error) could result in severe delays at customs and additional fees.

Restricted and Prohibited items include Alcohol or Tobacco; Agricultural, Diary, or meat products; Dried Flowers, Herbs, Medicines, Plants, Bulbs, or Seeds; Animals, Animal Hair, or wool; Saddles or Riding Equipment; Birds or insects; Hunting Trophies, Feathers, Furs, Skins, Hide or Ivory; Narcotic Drugs; Straw Handcrafts or packaging; Wooden Articles, Cane, Bamboo, Basket ware, Mats, or Wood Packaging; Many firearms, knives (including Sharpe kitchen knives), Bayonets, switch blades or swords; Pornographic Material, Seditious, and treasonable material; Bone or shell articles; Electrical items, particularly those that have rechargeable lithium batteries (such as laptops, tablets, drones and mobile phones).

PLEASE NOTE: Creams, liquids and aerosols are permitted via sea freight only

For further information please refer to the specific importation guides for your destination.

IMPORTANT: You will be responsible for additional costs if examination, treatment or disposal is ordered at customs. Where charges are incurred for the removal of non-permitted or restricted goods by an airline, handling agent, consolidator etc, these charges will be passed on to you together with a £250 / $350 or €300 administration fee, and your belongings will be delayed until such charges are paid.

Destination regulations can change without notice and for specific guidance we strongly recommend that you obtain direct rulings from relevant authorities.

What about fragile items?

We strongly recommend against sending fragile items, particularly if they are of sentimental value. International shipping is not a delicate process so there are no guarantees that fragile items will be safe in transit. For this reason, unless your items have been professionally packed by Baggage Hub, fragile items will not be covered against any breakages caused in transit.

Fragile goods include: Bulbs; Cathode ray tubes packed in cases or cartons or waterproof crates; Chinaware; Crystal ware; Domestic glass; Earthenware; Enamelware; Furniture with glass; Ornaments & Sculptures; Glassware; Neon tubes; Pottery; Sanitary ware; TV’s & Monitors and Computers & Laptops

Do I need to make an inventory of my belongings?

Yes. This is very VERY important! Customs authorities need to know exactly what is contained within any shipment entering into the country. The more detailed the inventory, the better as you’ll minimise delays and you’re more likely to avoid extra inspections (though this can never be guaranteed, as inspections are at the sole discretion of the customs authority).

The good news is that you can create and save your inventory on your Customer Portal (See below section: How do I complete my inventory?).

do I complete my inventory?

Your Customer Portal contains a checklist of all the steps that need to be completed and it contains all the documents you’ll need to fill out. This includes the inventory, which needs to be filled out, saved and digitally signed before we can collect your goods.

There are instructions in the Customer Portal, but as a general rule, you need to fill out as many details as you can. You mustn’t simply write ‘clothing’. You’ll need to itemise the clothing that’s going into the boxes and attribute a value to each item.

It can be a time-consuming process, but it will save you delays at customs. If you have a laptop / tablet, you can have this with you while you pack, and enter details of each item on the inventory as you go. Alternatively, you can write it all down in a notepad and log in at a later time to fill out the online inventory. If you’re packing over the course of a few days, don’t worry - you can save your progress and come back later, so it doesn’t all have to be completed in one go.

What time will you deliver my packing boxes

Our standard service is based on Monday to Friday 0800 to 1800 and is delivered via our courier networks. Please note each country may differ.


What happens if I have booked a delivery / collection and the driver does not show up?

Should our Fulfilment Partner fail to turn up by 4.30pm on the day of collection, please contact your Client Services Executive or via Facebook Messenger, making sure you include your booking ref number. We aim to respond as quickly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: You or your representative need be present on-site for any delivery or collection (refer to our Terms & Conditions)

What if I need to go out and I have a delivery or collection booked?

We understand things come up unexpectedly and you may need to postpone your delivery or collection. If this happens you must contact us as soon as possible, either on the phone, via live chat, Facebook Messenger or through the Customer Portal. Make sure you quote your booking reference and contact telephone number when making contact.

PLEASE NOTE: If our Fulfilment Partner has already been despatched, we do reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee, please see our refund / cancellation policy.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. Once your shipment has been collected and payment has been received in full, we will send you your shipment tracking details. It’s simple to use and will provide you with all your relevant shipping information.

If you are using our courier service, then you can download our tracking app from the Apple or Google Store. This will help you keep up to date.

Do I have to pay custom duties and taxes?

This entirely depends on the origin and destination of your shipment, as well as the nature and value of the items you’re sending. This means that there is unfortunately no simple answer.

For this reason, customs duties and taxes are excluded from our pricing (as mentioned in the above sections What services can I choose from? and Are there any Hidden Costs?).

It’s simply impossible to include these types of charges as they are calculated by customs authorities at the point of inspection. Customs duties and taxes should only apply to items that are declared to be unused or that have been owned for less than 12 months. However, even this is subject to local regulations and any inspection or storage fees, fumigation charges or disposal costs (for prohibited items) can be added separately.

IMPORTANT: Duties and taxes can also apply if the owner / recipient of the shipment is not in the country of destination when the goods arrive. Storage charges begin to accrue if items are not cleared through customs swiftly, which is important to note if you’ve booked a Door-to-Port / Airport service (See earlier question What is Door-to-Airport / Port?).

If you have any questions about how customs may affect your shipment, please contact your Client Services Executive.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom regulations in certain countries change on a regular basis.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

We understand that situations can change, and we’ve put together a cancellation policy that’s designed to be as fair and flexible as possible.

If you cancel your booking, the following cancellation policy applies:
• Up to 14 days prior to collection – customer is liable for 25% of booked value
• Up to 7 days prior to collection – customer is liable for 50% of booked value
• 72 hours to 24 hours prior to collections – customer is liable for 75% of booked value
• On the day of collection – No refund

Deposits are non-refundable unless agreed in writing at time of booking.

All refunds will be processed within 30 working days, to your designated bank account or to the credit / debit card that was used to make the booking.

How will Covid-19 effect the movement of my belongings?

During this extraordinary and on-going situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19), we are working to safeguard the health of our customers and our teams as much as is possible.

We have instructed our drivers and partners to stay at least two paces away from you during the process of delivery and collection. All delivery and collection activities must be completed outside at kerbside, so please do not ask drivers to enter your premises under any circumstances. This is a change from our normal procedure - now our drivers should remain outside and must not proceed beyond the front door. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

If you need assistance with moving your belongings from indoors to the kerbside, please make the necessary arrangements with a friend / family member (taking into account any current social distancing guidelines and relevant rules regarding visits to your home).

Signatures are no longer required for collection or delivery. Instead, our driver will write either your full name or the full name of the person who is present in the signature box.

Photos will now be our proof of delivery/collection, so drivers will photograph the items upon delivery (outside your door). However, in respect of your privacy, our drivers are instructed not to photograph you, or any member of your family.

We recommend you take similar photos for your own records.

We're constantly monitoring the impact of the Covid-19 around the world and updating our response / procedures accordingly. All contingencies and measures will be kept up to date and outlined on our website here.



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