The ongoing situation with Covid 19 may cause shipments to Canada to be delayed. This is due to flight disruptions, airport closures and added customs / quarantine checks


You (i.e. The person that is booking the shipment) must be in Canada beforeyour shipment arrives. You must not consign your belongings to a third party. It is very important to coordinate the date of your shipment with your travel plans to Canada, and we recommend you try and book your shipment to arrive at a similar time to you.

You must upload a copy of your passport details page to your customer portal. For non-Canadian Passport holders, you will also be required to supply a copy of your ID card or work / residence permit or visa. A work permit letter is acceptable, as you will receive your ID card upon entry into Canada. Uploads should be images or scans of the original documents.

We also require a copy of your entry stamp upon arrival into Canada. This is to confirm your presence in the country so unfortunately email confirmations of permits / visas issued prior to entry are not acceptable.


All shipments of personal items must be accompanied by a detailed inventory list. This must be a detailed, itemised list. The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) will not accept general terms on inventory such as ‘household effects’ or ‘kitchen items’. All items need to be itemised in a comprehensive list so it is clearexactly what is being shipped.

Upon arrival into Canada, you will need to complete a form declaring ‘goods to follow’.

This is a pre-declaration that you have items being shipped out to you and you will get this stamped at the airport. A copy of this stamped form should be uploaded to the customer portal as it may be required for customs clearance when your shipment arrives in Canada.

Different parts of Canada operate different guidelines and requirements for customs clearance. Please refer to the CBSA website [ ] to clarify which of the below scenarios applies to your shipment.

Some destinations within Canada will require a ‘letter of explanation’ to inform the CBSA of your reason for shipping items into Canada. In some destinations this is enough to allow customs clearance to be granted and for your shipment tobe released for delivery to its final destination.

Other destinations will require self-clearance, whereby you must go in person to a local CBSA location.

For door-to-door shipments, our courier partner will inform you if you need to visit a local CBSA location for formal clearance. They will only be able to complete delivery once shipment has cleared so please ensure a CBSA location isaccessible to you before placing an order here [ ]

It’s essential to bring a copy of your inventory as well as all passport and visa documentation with you when visiting a CBSA location to clear your shipment.


At Baggage Hub, we supply a general list of Prohibited and Restricted items as standard, but there are specific rules and restrictions when sending items to Canada which it’s important to be aware of.

Alcohol is prohibited via air but permissible by sea freight. However, we strongly recommend that you do not send alcohol at all as each region has different laws around the import of alcoholic substances – in some areas it is entirely prohibitedand elsewhere it will lead to additional paperwork, taxes and duties.

Canada’s list of restricted/prohibited items includes food and plants, used or second-hand mattresses, baby walkers as well as some other baby items that are also regulated. We therefore advise against sending any of these items.

The Canadian Government also has a policy for random drug checks, so we advise against any prescription drugs or medications being packed. If found, this may result in extra charges, similar to a quarantine inspection fees, which are payable at the destination.

Please make sure you review the prohibited items document here [ Restricted Items ]. You willbe required to digitally sign this list within the customer portal to confirm you understand what not to pack.

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