The ongoing situation with Covid 19 may cause shipments to China to be delayed. This is due to flight disruptions and added customs / quarantine checks.


You must be in the country to be eligible for duty free clearance and to receive your shipment. You must also be the named receiver (no third parties) and the delivery address cannot be a business or a hotel.

You will need to upload a copy of your passport and your residence / work visa toyour customer portal before your shipment is collected. Then, upon arrival, you’ll need to upload a copy of the entry stamp in your passport, confirming your entryinto China.

Upon arrival, you will also need to pre-declare your shipment and obtain a stamped baggage declaration form directly from customs at your airport of entry. This should be available in the red ‘goods to declare’ line at customs. Yourstamped baggage declaration form is required for customs clearance so it will also need to be uploaded to the customer portal if you’ve booked a door-to-door service. Or if you are clearing your goods yourself, you’ll need to have it with youalong with all the other previously mentioned documentation.

With the baggage declaration form and entry stamp both essential in getting your shipment cleared through customs, we’d advise you arrange for your shipment to arrive in China around the same time as you do. If your shipment arrives before you, your items will go into storage will go into storage until missing paperwork is obtained, which may incur additional storage fees that are not included in your invoice or covered by Baggage Hub.

You may only import personal effects to China within six months of your entry into the country, as confirmed by the date on your entry stamp and / or visa.

Please note that higher taxes will apply if your work permit is for less than one full year.


All shipments of personal effects (items you’ve owned for more than 6 months) must be accompanied by a detailed inventory list. This must be a detailed, itemised list. Chinese customs authorities will not accept general terms on inventory such as ‘household effects’ or ‘kitchen items’. All items need to be itemised in a comprehensive list so it is clear exactly what is being shipped.

In China, a shipment is only deemed to be classed as Personal Effects if it is unaccompanied baggage with a value below CNY1,000 (c. £115 GBP / $153 USD). There is an exception to this rule if your shipment contains only one item in total. In that case, the item can still be cleared as personal effects, even if the value is over CNY 1,000 (USD 153). However, it’s important to note that customs reserve the right to approve the importation of the item or decline it and return it to its origin.

Chinese customs will therefore also request values to be included in the inventory.

You are required by law to accept and comply with all China’s customs requirements upon entry into the country. We’d therefore advise that you visit China’s official customs website to familiarise yourself with any additional requirements, processes or fees that may apply to your booking.


At Baggage Hub, we supply a general list of Prohibited and Restricted items as standard, but there are specific rules and restrictions when sending items to China, which it’s important to be aware of.

Lithium batteries are strictly prohibited, which means things like laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones or speakers and any rechargeable battery packs must not be packed.

Animal Skins and furs are strictly prohibited, as are any biological substances. Jewellery, antiques, precious metals and stones are also not allowed.

Gambling is not allowed in China, which means that any gambling related items must not be brought into the country. This includes playing cards.

And for security reasons, military equipment and any radar devices or transmitters / receivers are also not permitted. This includes fax machines.

We’d also strongly advise against sending any alcohol. Duty will always apply and each city has its own regulations surrounding the import of alcohol, which means the duties can be high.

You should also avoid sending large numbers of books, DVDs and other such media. You are limited to no more than 50 books (of which only 10 will be duty free) and no more than 100 DVDs (of which, only 20 are duty free).

While perishables are strictly prohibited, China also has strict policies on importing other foodstuffs, toiletries and health products so we also advise against sending those to avoid inspection fees and delays.

Finally, larger items of furniture cannot be sent as personal effects, while any office equipment requires an import permit and will be inspected by customs to have duties applied.

Please make sure you review the prohibited items document here [ Restricted Items ]. You will be required to digitally sign this list within the customer portal to confirm you understand what not to pack.



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